Tom his (travel) bucket list

Plenty of people build a bucket list in order to tick down various events during their life. So does Tom. The list was firstly constructed many years ago and still grows. Each time I find something I would want to do, I try to find a way to achieve it. From many of the list items I did not even know they existed, and I learned them from other people. When they sound special or extreme to me, they might end up on my bucket list. Suggestions are always welcome, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us 🙂

There are also plenty of things on the bucket list which are not linked to travelling, and some of them we explicitly try to link to one of our trips, because that makes it even more special, and also, not all of these things can be done in Belgium.

Below you can find the items that were covered for now. Most of them link to a page on our website where the list item is described. 

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