Prague - IMT

2014 – A city trip with IMT (International Mens Trip) where Tom and the male friends go on a city trip. A tradition that started with a bachelor party some years ago, but as everyone was married in meanwhile, the gents kept the tradition 🙂

Lincoln limo transportation from airport to hotel

On the left side you see the Lennon wall which was started back in the 1980s. It started with an unknown artist painting a single image and some lyrics.

On the right side you see the astronomical clock which was installed in 1410 and is the third oldest one of the world. It is the oldest still functioning astronomical clock.

Sights on the Vltava river
Artists on the vibrant and cozy Old Town Square.

Hotel Opera

We stayed in this 4 star hotel and paid only 35 euro per person. It was on walking distance to the center but in the evening we took a taxi to return to the hotel. The room was spacious and had all amenities, certainly for the limited of hours we stayed in the hotel. The rooms are decorated in respect to the hotel exterior. They have something noble and stately. Staff was very friendly.

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