City trips

Every now and then we go for a city trip. That might be with our friends, a bachelor party or when Marie-Claire flies over for the weekend when I’m abroad for my work. We don’t do them that often, as they quickly cost quite some money. When you add the cost of a flight on top of the hotel and amusement costs, you easily reach a significant amount of money which is close to the equivalent of a week away in Europe with the car. Nevertheless, check the below pages out for inspiration and to find out what you can expect from the destinations.

Limousine transfer


Berlin With our friends we decided to organise another International Friends Trip (IFT) and this time we selected Berlin. We heard plenty of good things

Bratislava Castle


Bratislava – with friends Getting there We flew from Charleroi airport to Bratislava with Ryanair. We learned not to take extreme early flights for a city


Milan – with friends Getting there We flew from Lille towards Malpensa airport which is located approximately 50 km from the city center. We selected


Prague – IMT 2014 – A city trip with IMT (International Mens Trip) where Tom and the male friends go on a city trip. A


Budapest – IMT trip 2016 – An IMT (International Mens Trip) city trip to Budapest in Hungary from Tom and the male friends.   Stag


Copenhagen 2015 – A short city trip towards Copenhagen where Marie-Claire joined Tom who attended a conference in Malmö for work. We explored the city


Malmö 2015 – After a week of conference in Malmö, Marie-Claire joined me for a city trip. We rented a bike so be more mobile


Barcelona 2014 – After a week of conference Marie-Claire joined Tom on Friday evening for a city trip to the world famous Barcelona. After this


Munich – Octoberfest! 2013 – We heard a lot about the famous Oktoberfest and decided we should attend them at least once. There was a


Madrid 2013 – After attending a conference for work Marie-Claire joined for a city trip on Friday evening. We had splendid weather during our visit.


London – Going back as 2012 visit was awesome 2013 – As we liked London during our 2012 visit and we got again access to


Riga – Bachelor party 2012 – Short city trip towards Riga for a bachelor party of a friend of Tom. Taking off and coming back