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…to our sporty travellers website. During the years we have been exploring the world and while preparing I visited a lot of travel blogs, reading other people their experiences and that’s how we decided to start sharing our own experiences as well. As we know that these real life experiences and stories, tips and tricks are often way more valuable than yet another travel site which de-pictures the things differently than they are.


We started our blog during summer in 2018 by first building up the past and now continuing with sharing new experiences. 


We started with snowboarding in 2007 and Tom switched quickly to skiing. Marie-Claire only switched in 2012. Currently we go 2 times a year to have some winter sport fun. 


Marie-Claire biked already many many years before Tom started in 2010 after stopping with soccer and Taekwondo due to bad knees. We like to conquer some hills and every now and then we participate to some Gran Fondo.


We enjoy nature and one of the best ways to do so is with hiking. We often prepare ourselves in Belgium before we go for a trip where we will walk several kilometers.


Q: What is your top 5 travel destination wish list?

This is a very hard question and the answer is ever changing by talking to other people or learn about new countries. At this moment we have following country names being mentioned quite a lot: New Zealand, Norway, Jordan, Maldives, Tanzania.

Q: What is your travel profile?

We don’t have a fixed way of travelling and it changes from destination to destination. We had road trips with an RV, camping and another road trip was almost fully based on Airbnb.  

Tom is more the luxury guy who prefers a comfy bed and proper shower, however as cheap as possible. Marie-Claire is somewhat a bigger adventurer and is easier with less comfort. It also depends on the destination. Tom has no problem sleeping in a tent if it strengthens the travel experience like a 6 day trekking in Kyrgyzstan or sleeping in low comfort lodges during the Himalaya trekking.

Q: Do you have a bucket list?

Tom started his bucket list many years ago. It is a mixture from all kind of things. We have a blog page covering the ones which are more or less travel related. In the search for thrill Marie-Claire mostly joins because she is also a real dare devil. Read more here…

Q: How often do you travel in a year?

We go 2 times a year skiing Once we traditionally go to Ischgl and the second winter holiday is each year something else. We try to differentiate from country, region and look for something else. We do in the first part of the year an European trip to make sure we don’t overlook our own continent. And then we have 1 big holiday of 3-4 weeks where we fly inter-continental. In between we have several weekends with friends or smaller close-by city trips. We also try to visit different areas or cities in our own country.

Q: What travel experience will you never forget?

When being in Canada, Lake Louise, we decided to go up to the tea house which is a 45 minute climb. For some reason I left my wallet in the car and only took cards with me. When we reached the top we learned you could only pay in cash in the little tea house. A couple sitting on the terrace noticed our trouble and offered us tea and coffee. This was really appreciated by us and after this moment we decided to do something similar on every trip we do; doing at least 1 nice thing for somebody else.

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