Ischgl - Our all time favorite

Ischgl is often called the Ibiza of the Alps. Think of a cozy city center, plenty of restaurants, well prepared slopes and a vibrant apres ski. Since 2012 on, there was not a single year we didn’t visit Ischgl at least once. Well… 2020, the year of Corona, make us break this tradition.

When we went back in 2021, for our 11th visit, we decided to finally explore also the other domains which form together with Ischgl the Silvretta area. Check out the information on Galtür, See and Kappl. We want to keep on exploring other ski resorts as well, but it’s hard to find another area that ticks all the boxes.  I think we can call ourselves Ischgl experts by now. Below you find plenty off information about this incredible ski resort. 

Ischgl visits for reference

  • 2023-12
  • 2023-04 Closing
  • 2022-12
  • 2022-01
  • 2021-12
  • 2019-12
  • 2018-12
  • 2017-12
  • 2016-12
  • 2016-04 Closing
  • 2015-12
  • 2014-12
  • 2013-12
  • 2012-12
  • 2012-02

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