I combined a week of work visit with a couple of free days to explore the country. I remember Singapore as a clean, safe country with very friendly people. There is plenty to explore and for the nature lovers you will have a hard time to cover it all 🙂

What I really loved were the various food courts or streets where you can taste local dishes. If you are from Europe, make sure you ask for “not spicy”, as even if you are quite experienced in spicy food, it will be a huge challenge. The local dishes were delicious and were cheap for European standards. I made sure to go to local areas, so I don’t know what it costs in the “yuppie” areas, full of expats.

This place is a must visit when you visit Singapore. It was very quiet when I was there, and you see thousands of beautiful flowers. There are different theme zones, dedicated to different kind of flowers. I think I easily spend over 2 hours exploring the garden. Here you can find the Official website.

Incredible Skyline

A must do according to me is to visit the bar on the 70th floor! I advise to go there about one hour before sunset. There you can take a dedicated elevator that brings you from the ground floor to the 70th floor in less than 25 seconds: insane!

I thought the place would be extremely expensive, but back in 2010 I paid about 7 euro for a Caipirinha cocktail. From the place you have a very good view on the city but what makes it special is being there before sunset, as in about 1 hour you go from daylight to evening which bring an entire new view on the city. I still think this was one of the highlights of my visit.

There are quite some skyscrapers in the financial district. I remember coming out of the subway and looking up to those building. I was impressed by that. You can also take a river tour in the evening so you can enjoy the views and the environment.

There is a Japanese and Chinese garden which are free of charge except the Turtle Sanctuary. This turtle sanctuary is a must visit. I was doubting at first, but was happy to have entered this place. I was not aware there were so many different kind of turtles. I only know the regular turtle which some kids get from the amusement fair. Of those they have an insane huge amount. The really crawl over each other when you pass by, fighting for some potential food. It’s funny because they are so many, but the rally big deal are those unique species I have seen there. Check the pictures below to see how many different kind of (funny) turtles there are.

The rest of the gardens is nice as well as you different kind of buildings and towers which you can access. There are different kind of flower parts. Here you can find the Official website.

The bird park is easily accessible by public transportation. I spend over 2 hours in the park. It is worth the visit, but I do remember that the smell was not everywhere that pleasant, certainly not where the water birds where hosted. You have different kind of zones in the park where you can spot water birds, parrots and there is even a special zone with penguins. Those are really funny to observe 🙂

I think this was the best airport I have ever visited. It’s spacious, clean and full of friendly staff. You have plenty of shops and great places to eat. The best part was the free butterfly garden where you can spot some exotic species which are as big as a men hand. 

Sentosa Island is probably the most famous tourist spot of the country. It is easily reachable by many options, but I selected the Sentosa Express. Convenient and fast with frequent rides.

On the island you can choose between attractions, beaches, nature, shops and many more.

In one of the beach bars I took the time to drink the famous Singapore Sling, which consists out of Gin, Cointreau, Cherry Liquor, Pineapple juice and depending of where you order it some other ingredients. It was nice to sip a cocktail 

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