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2014 – The trip towards Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) was combined with our Nepal trip. We extended both inbound and outbound flight with a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur. Before the Nepal trip we had 2 days and after our Nepal trip we had 3 days.

Looking back at this planning at had both pros and cons. We liked the fact that we could get off the plane in Kuala Lumpur and did not have to fly yet another couple of hours. We already could start to get used to some hour difference and continue towards Nepal in 2 days. This was a great part. However, as we were quite busy on these two days, we covered a big part of the city and when coming back after Nepal, we didn’t really needed 3 more days. If we would redo it, we would take 1 day upfront and keep the 3 days when going back home.

An other option, which might have been more difficult to arrange or more expensive, would have been to use 2 different layover cities, or use 2 different airlines to combine our flights. Nevertheless, it was a real added value to have some fun and relaxation after our Nepal adventure.

They are stunning! We visited them 2 times. Once during day time and once late afternoon while it was getting dark. If you visit them late afternoon, you have the best of both according to me. You see them in clear light, but then also later when they are lighted.

They are so amazing that we just kept starring at them and made plenty of pictures. Make sure you have the time in your schedule to stay long enough.

There is a perfect picture spot, but you might need to queue a little bit and ask a stranger, which is located 1.5 meter below you, to take a picture.

At the back of the Petronas Twin Towers, in the KLCC park, there is often in impressive fountain show with music and colors. So it is a good idea to plan your visit on the day(s) of the show. (If I remember well, it’s not every day). There are some place where you can have a drink, but we went closer to watch the show, to be able to see it very good.

The towers are also very famous from the movie Entrapment (1999) with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Every since that movie I wanted to see them one day 🙂

Visit 1: Day 1

From the airport towards the city center we took the KLIA Ekspres which takes you straight to the city center (KL Sentral) in about 28 minutes. The train is comfortable and has free WiFi. From KL Sentral we took the metro towards our hotel, Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur which has a great location if you want to visit the city and the Petronas Towers. We paid MYR 255 back in 2014 for 1 night.

Visit 1: Day 2

By the end of the day we headed towards the airport using again the KLIA Ekspres to stay the night in the Concorde Inn. The hotel was basic but enough to spend the night and take an early flight towards Nepal. We ordered some food from room service but this was average. I do remember the breakfast was quite decent for an acceptable price of MYR 219 back in 2014.


Visit 2: Day 1

We landed around 06:25 local time and headed once again via the KLIA Ekspress towards the city center. This went smooth as we did the same 2 weeks ago. When we arrived in our superb hotel, we first slept for a couple of hours before heading out in the city.

2 heavenly nights at Sangri-La Hotel During our second stay in Kuala Lumpur we selected the Sangri-La hotel and back in 2014 it was #1 of Kuala Lumpur. While writing this (2018) it is still rated #5 out of 373 hotels. The hotel was awesome and had everything we needed after staying 2 weeks in Nepal/Himalaya. A spacious room with all expected 5 star amenities and also way more than what we really needed.

Add to that a nice outdoor swimming pool with bar,

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