India - Hyderabad

2018 – I had to fly to India to perform some interviews to form a new team of data engineers and data scientists. It was a 3 day blitz visit with no room to visit anything beside the hotel and the company. 

Flight was leaving from Brussels Airport and with a stop over in Abu Dhabi we arrived in Hyderabad. We flew Ethiad Airways and everything went smooth. The in-flight media console had decent amount of films and space was acceptable.

Hyderabad Sheraton

Luxury 5 star hotel which had all amenities we needed. There is a big breakfast buffet ranging from European sweets to traditional Indian dishes. Coffee and fresh pancakes or eggs are brought to the table.

The bar is in the lounge and has a wide collection of drinks. Few televisions are around to watch sports.

The room is spacious hosting a dressing, working desk and big bathroom with both shower and bath. My room, on second floor had a great big bed with all kinds of different pillows to select from.

Hotel swimming pool
Spacious room
Bathroom with bath and shower

Amara in Trident

One of the best restaurant in Hyderabad with great food and excellent service.


Located on the top floor of the Sheraton. From the restaurant you can also go on top to the roof top terrace and overview the environment. Food was very tasty and service was great.

My first time in business class (bucket list n° 43)

I think it’s on many travellers their wish or bucket list to fly in business class, however, for regular private flights that is just too expensive. For work however, depending on the reason of our business trips or the type of flight, it’s allowed. As I had a meeting upon arrival at 8 am, I could fly overnight in business class.

I had some expectations but all of them were transcended. It starts with priority access at the security lines and passport checks. Then you get access to the lounge with open bar (bring on the Gin-Tonic!) There was an included buffet available, but I decided to wait for the food on the plane. And of course it’s easy to bypass any waiting lines to get in the plane and have a drink while people still have to board. 

It’s all about the details. The head set, blanket, tv-set, pillow, … everything is of superior quality. And off course, plenty of room and a very good seat. Just after take off they bring the menu and you can select a la carte. 

Business class :)
Business class 🙂
Happy happy me 🙂
A la carte

While enjoying a movie on the big television set, you are offered some more champagne with nuts in a little jar. When food is ready, the stewardess prepares your table with a nice fabric cloth. You get food out of real service with a nice cutlery. The food was just delicious and the accompanied wines tasteful. As a dessert I picked ice cream which was very yummy. At the end I was offered a coffee and I could select some digestive; a nice 18 year old whiskey. After all that good, you have a hard choice to make. Either you go to sleep, or you enjoy all amenities of business class… Life can be hard…

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