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We are Marie-Claire and Tom and together we are Sporty Travellers. Our moto is: “Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Till date we have visited 46 countries while biking, skiing, enjoying foreign cultures or check Bucket List items.Read all about us.

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Currently we think the 3 most beautiful and impressive places we have visited are The Red Valley (Peru), Joffres Lakes (Canada) and The Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA).

Here you can find a quick access to some of our latest travels. Make sure to check out our Destinations page to see the countries per continent. We mix travels to other continents with countries in Europe. Frequently we also explore our own pretty home country: Belgium. 

When reflecting on the below world map, we realise two things. First is that we were lucky to already have explored 46 countries. In a combination of holidays, Ski, Bike, City trips Triathlon and Work related trips the list has grown over the years. On the other hand, we also see that there is still so much to discover… For sure we won’t manage to visit them all, but we still have ambition to add plenty of them to our list. Meeting new people, admiring our beautiful planet and enjoying local food and drinks are our biggest drivers. 

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Latest from our blog

Our blog is a mixture of articles and obviously our main objective is to inspire our blog readers. In some articles we try to share valuable information on how to travel, what different kind of travels there are and many more. Short trips mostly get an article instead of a full destination page. You can also find articles when a new Bucket List items has been experienced. A last type covers when we explore our own home country: Belgium!