Bungee jump

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Crazy bungee jump

Back then in 2008 we had the opportunity to do a bungee jump as reward for helping on a festival. A bungee jump is a crazy experience! The jump was via a crane standing on the seawall and was about 80 meters.

There was quite some stress, and although the free fall was very limited, I do remember the moment of the jump. I could only briefly think: “what have I done!”. But before you know it’s all over. A great experience and glad we could tick of the item from the bucket list.

For Marie-Claire they attached a new stretcher as she weighs less than me. It seems something went wrong when they coiled the stretcher as right after the jump, Marie-Claire started to rotate a couple of hundred times. It was insane to see that. When she was down, she was a bit dizzy. Check it out in the movies below!

Ready for take off
Let's do this!
Get into the girdle
Get in the queue
Take off!

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