Fatbike in the snow

We found with Silvretta Bike Academy the perfect partner for a fatbike tour in the snow. The Academy is located just outside the city center of Ischgl. It takes a 5 min walk from Silvretta elevator. When we arrived, the owner Heinz was waiting for us at the car with the bikes. Heinz and his wife brought us by car to Galtür where our trip started.

First part was on rather soft snow which made it quite hard. Certainly when you steered a bit in the wrong direction. We learned quickly and after few minutes it quickly went better and better, certainly when the snow track surface became a bit harder. After about 2 kilometers we crossed the road and entered the forest. We could ride the hiking trails as long as we did not destroy the cross-country skiing tracks. The overall track was decreasing, however we had also 100 altitude meters to overcome. Don’t worry too much, everyone will be able to make this trip.

We had to ride a short steep hill on the normal road and there were some icy zones. We could easily overcome them as we had spikes on our tires. The only thing we could not do, was stop peddling on the steep hill, as then you would still fall, as you don’t have spikes on your shoes… Our strava GPX track can be found here: Fat bike in the snow @ Ischgl

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