Wake boarding tryout

Our little nephew is doing wake boarding and is pretty well at it for his age. As we heard about it, we started to look into it and as it looked rather amazing, it ended up on Tom his bucket list. Then, eventually, late summer of 2018 we found a date to go try it out at Lakeside Paradise.

For newbies we recommend to reserve at once 2 hours. You can then start with the “baby track” for one hour, and after you can move on to the “big track”. The difference is huge, so please take this into account.

On the baby track, you are the only one, and the operator has a remote control to gently pull you into the water and control your acceleration. Like this we were both wake boarding at our first attempt. During that first hour, we learned to start, make turns and go faster and faster.

The big track is a complete other story. There you have a kind of ring with hooks which proceed at a fix speed of around 35 km/h. At a certain moment your cable is attached to such a hook and you take off at full speed. This is the most difficult part. Once your survive this, you will most likely stand up your board till the first turn…

Marie-Claire got this straight away and took off like a pro and was able to stay on the track for 3 laps, the moment your cable is automatically released from the hook on the track. This to make place for other waiting wake boarders. Marie-Claire managed to do 3 times 3 tracks. An extreme success for beginners.

Tom was able to take off, and go once further than the first turn. But then crashed each time on the water. Having to return on a special walking zone on the water from that first turn takes you quite some time. Like this the hour goes fast, and Tom was only able to go out 3 times. 

Conclusion is that we had a great experience in our own country and that we really recommend this to sportive people. When we were looking around, we were often double or triple the ago of the other wake boarders. So take that into account 😉

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