Busines Trips

Through the years I have done quite some business trips for various reasons, ranging from conferences, visiting team members, searching for new team members or install software. I see each of those trips as an opportunity to learn and to gain some experience which I can use in my professional career. Below you can find some of the trips I have done and where there was limited amount of time to explore the area, which is not always possible. Often it’s from the airport to the customer, work and go back to the airport.


Management offsite in Barcelona

Management offsite in Barcelona Every year around April the global management of our company gathers to align on the strategy and goals for the current

Irish pub

Management Offsite in Ireland

Management offsite in Ireland The Druids Glen Resort, located just outside of Dublin, Ireland, is an ideal location for a management offsite. The resort offers

Elevate each other

Team Gathering in Vail, Colorado

Team gathering in Vail, Colorado A team gathering in the United States of America! When the CEO announces such message you realise it’s one of

Dataworks Summit keynote

Dataworks Summit Barcelona

Dataworks Summit Barcelona I attended the Dataworks Summit hosted by Hortonworks in Barcelona in March 2019. The conference is about big data, hadoop, analytics and

House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia


Serbia The company where I work has bought a company which has a division in Serbia, Belgrade. The data scientists team is located over there


India – Hyderabad 2018 – I had to fly to India to perform some interviews to form a new team of data engineers and data


Ukraine 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 – At work we collaborate with an off shore company located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Visits for work are

Los Angeles (California)

Teradata Partners in Anaheim (Los Angeles) 2017 – Teradata Partners was hosted in Anaheim. I departed directly from Milan where we enjoyed a weekend with friends.

Atlanta (Georgia)

Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta (Georgia) 2016 – Microsoft decided to kill the famous TechEd Europe conference after many years and only hosted the USA one.


Singapore I combined a week of work visit with a couple of free days to explore the country. I remember Singapore as a clean, safe


South Africa – stuck in a resort At the time of 2009 I was working in a company doing access control and time registration management.


Angola – 200 km off shore on an oil platform I came to Angola to install software on a vessel. Initially I thought the vessel