Travel discounts: How it works?

Some organisations give a reduction or discount for new members. It is beneficial for both of us. The only thing you have to do is to register via one of the links below or use the code specified. You will get a nice reduction for your stay or booking, and after your stay, we will also get a fee to spend on one of our next trips. A simple win-win situation.

Get 30€ discount on Airbnb

Our favorite to find a place to stay is Airbnb. We enjoy meeting new people and find out how locals are living. We had the most amazing experiences and each stay brings a new thrill to explore a new home. Until now we did not have any negative experience. 

Get 30€ Discount on your first booking on AirBnB


  • Only valid for new users
  • Only valid for bookings above € 65

Get 15€ discount on

Very convenient website to find a hotel and read how other travelers have experienced their stay. Not always the cheapest solution, but their offer is one of the most complete and the system works very well.

Get 15€ discount on your booking on


  • Only valid for new users

Get 25€ discount per traveler on Djoser

Travel organisation experienced in group travels. We used this organisation for our Peru trip.


  • Only valid for new travelers
  • Each family member can get 25€ reduction
  • use code 6d7c6b