Riga - Bachelor party

2012 – Short city trip towards Riga for a bachelor party of a friend of Tom. Taking off and coming back in Eindhoven airport.


Baltic Stags

Everything was planned with an online company Baltic Stags who were very responsive and communicated very clear. We arranged the whole trip with them. Starting with transportation from the airport to the hotel in a luxury van, to food and activities. We had a great experience with this company and I recommend them.

Shoot an AK-47

As main activity on Saturday afternoon we selected shooting with some guns. A van picked us up and brought us to an abandoned building in the woods. We think it was a former military building. Till today we are still not sure if everything was fully legal, but everything was arranged properly and we never felt unsafe or so.

We started with some smaller artillery while moving over to the famous Glock gun. Later on followed the more serious stuff with shooting a pump riffle gun and also a Kalashnikov. With each of those heavy gun we could should 5 times. I’m not used to this and the shocks against my shoulder were quite impressive. I felt it for the next 3 days.

As I was never in the army, I’m still glad to have done this once.

Hotel Skanste

We stayed in one of the cheapest hotels available at that time and obviously it was all rather basic, but we had a bed and a clean bathroom. We even had some breakfast included in the price. More than enough for couple of hours of sleep and transfer from and to the city was arranged with taxis.

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