2015 – A short city trip towards Copenhagen where Marie-Claire joined Tom who attended a conference in Malmö for work. We explored the city partially by foot and partially by bike.

We started by visiting one of the most famous sight of Copenhagen, the Little Mermaid. It’s a little statue with lots of tourists trying to take the best picture. But next to the fact it’s a famous statue, it stays a statue. There is not much around so it’s up to you to decide if you visit it or not, but if you don’t, there is not much that you have missed.

We also visited the Rosenborg Castle which is nice to see, but we didn’t go inside there, as were are not too much of museum people. There is a nice park to reach this castle.

While walking around we stumbled upon the changing of the guard near Amalienborg We know this existed in London, but had no idea it was happening in Copenhagen as well. We watched the ceremonie and this is quite impressive. So if you are around, you might want to check out their schedule and attend it. I think the entire ceremonie takes like 20 minutes.

The next day we explored the city by bike which were available for renting in our hotel. We really love to explore the city by bike, as it’s as convenient as by foot, but you can cover a bigger area in a way shorter time. Our track you can find on Strava.

You can’t miss the Nyhavn colorful houses. They are one of the most photographically attractive location of Copenhagen.

We parked our bikes at the base of the Church of Our Saviour and bought a ticket to climb the tower. The funny thing is that you can go near the top with an outside stair which is part of the tower and it gets smaller and smaller. We were lucky that there were not too much tourists, and we could easily go to the upper part. To reach the upper part you should not be claustrophobic as we passed some smaller stairs and areas and sometimes you have you make yourself thin to cross other visitors coming down or going up. From the tower you have a great view on the city. We selected this view point above the Rundetaarn.

By bike we also went towards the famous brewery of Carlsberg, which has some nice buildings and we liked especially the elephant statues.

We wandered around the busy shopping Stroget Street, which has some famous shops, but we liked the Lego shop the most. They have a few big Lego statues which we really like.

Near the end of the day we wanted to go for a drink. As this is rather expensive in Denmark/Copenhagen, we advise you to look for the happy hours in the beginning of the evening. They give you double beers for the price of one beers which makes it affordable again. Otherwise the beers we saw were indeed very expensive.

We tried some draft beers an as usual we try to take only local beers so we ended up with Carlsberg and Tuborg. Of the last one they had a special Christmas edition which was very good, but as far as I remember also quite heavy, so you might be careful with these.

Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade

We stayed in the budget hotel as it’s location was perfect. The price was affordable and for that you get a tiny room with a double bed and a private bathroom. At this moment I don’t remember if the breakfast was included or not, but we did consume it and it was an extensive buffet. It had everything what we needed to start the day.

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