Budapest - IMT trip

2016 – An IMT (International Mens Trip) city trip to Budapest in Hungary from Tom and the male friends.


Stag Heaven

Similar to our trip back then in 2012 to Riga we worked together with an organisation to get things arranged. The communication was good but not to the same level of the one in Riga. The organisation was however very creative to find an alternative activity due to the bad weather.


Once we arrived to the airport we were picked up by a guide of the organisation. As the Lincoln Limousine in Prague was not big enough to fit our group we though of hiring a big Hummer Limousine.

The moment the car came to the entrance was quite exceptional. However, although this car looks huge from the outside, inside you don’t have that much space.

We fitted and got some champagne during the journey towards our hotel.

As said our initial activity could not go on due to bad weather but the organisation found a worthy alternative in riding some old Trabant cars through the city.

To find some lunch on Sunday noon we used Tripadvisor and ended up with the burger restaurant Lucky 7 Burgers & More which was listed top 5 of restaurants in Budapest. The service was very friendly and the food tasted a lot. I can really recommend this place if you are in the neighborhood.

Corinthia Hotel Budapest

We stayed in the 5 star Corinthia Hotel because we found a great deal online. The hotel looks awesome from the outside and the reception and income hall are grandiose. The rooms were big and got all amenities you expect with a 5 star hotel. One of the biggest added values of this hotel is the spa area where you have a swimming pool, whirlpools and several sauna’s. On Sunday morning we headed to this area to recover from a night out.

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