Munich - Octoberfest!

2013 – We heard a lot about the famous Oktoberfest and decided we should attend them at least once. There was a lot of stories we heard, uncertainties like where to stay, how to get in, and many more practicalities. In 2013 we decided it was time to finally get some answers to our questions and went to Munich for 3 days and 3 nights of Oktoberfest.

Drink a beer in a local pub
Our companion for the Oktoberfest 2013.

Tables & Tents

To get served with beer you have to be seated at a table. There are however a lot of tables reserved for companies or organisations. Often those tables are reserved in the late afternoon or towards the evening, so you can sit at those tables during the day, but some given moment in time they come and ask to you to free up the table. Which could mean that you even have to leave the tent, as you can’t hang around without table. In the Hofbräu (HB) tent there is an area in the middle where you can stand at high tables and order beer.

During the weekend there are long lines to get in a tent, waiting till people leave the tent so they can enter. So when you are in a tent, you might think twice before leaving the tent, as you might not be able to reenter or enter another one. For this reason we decided to arrive on Saturday, and have a drink in a put around the square. Then on Sunday and Monday we visited the real Oktoberfest and managed to get inside the tents. You have all kind of sizes of tents, from very small to very big.


It was on my bucket list to eat a half roasted chicken together with a liter of beer. You can either order the food inside the tent or you can go to one of the many eateries outside. They taste heavenly at any moment of the day.


We want to highlight to take care of each other, and be careful with all the alcohol. When walking around on the Oktoberfest we saw plenty of people lying in a corner, totally wasted or worse, being carried away by EHBO services. The atmosphere stimulates to drink more than average, but it’s up to you to know your boundaries.


Hotel Imperial Located on about 6 kilometers from the place to be this base is well situated to start your adventure. Rooms were a bit old-fashioned back in 2013, but suited their purpose after a day at the Oktoberfest 🙂 We paid 853 euro for 2 double rooms.

The breakfast buffet was extensive and nicely decorated on countless platters. The only pity is that in the morning you might be a little less hungry than usual 🙂 Going to the Oktoberfest we took the bus around the corner and coming back we did with a taxi. By foot it might it is a little bit too far.

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