2013 – After attending a conference for work Marie-Claire joined for a city trip on Friday evening. We had splendid weather during our visit. For the people that doubt between Madrid or Barcelona, we strongly advise Madrid. Barcelona is suffering by the huge amount of tourists and always feels so crowded. We had a more positive feeling with Madrid, but off course this is a very subjective decision.


Real Madrid – Bernabéu

We decided to visit the world famous Bernabéu stadium in Madrid. In 2013 it was around 15 euro for a stadium tour and we can say the tour is quite impressive. We could visit almost every room of the stadium and it took us around one hour and a half. For the real soccer fans this will probably even longer. You can visit the stadium, the dressing room for both teams, the interview room, the dug out, a very small part of grass, the museum with trophies and probably even some more. So if you doubt to take this tour, don’t. You will not regret it.

Plaza and fountain de Cibeles

This fountain is famous because Real Madrid comes and celebrate their important victories around the fountain since the season of 1987-88 season. Even when there is no celebration on going, the building next to the fountain is worth visiting.

Retiro Park

The El Parque del Buen Retiro, usually shortened to Retiro Park, is worth a visit when you want to escape from the city or from the heat.

There is an artificial pound where you can rent a boat, but according to us that is nothing special.

It depends on what you are looking for, but it is more for relaxing and not for a thrill. Except some street artists, eating ice cream there is not much to do.

There are some restaurants, but they are rather expensive.


The cable car goes over a limited part of the city and it’s not something we would recommend. When you reach the other side there is only an old-fashioned cafetaria.

Again very subjective, and I read the opposite on the internet, but we thought that the views at the other side are also not that impressive. Although the ride was rather cheap, it is not really something we would recommend if you are in a hurry.

I also read currently the cafetaria is closed (2018)

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