2010 – We visited Paris on a shoestring by booking a cheap hotel room just outside Paris next to a train station to get easily inside the city center. The hotel is however no longer taking reservations through After arriving in the city center we started to explore some famous tourist spots like Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre museum square (not the museum), Montmartre, Notre Dame Cathedral and some more. They are all easily reachable by foot.

Eiffel Tower

We don’t think you can visit Paris without bringing a visit to the world famous Eifel Tower. We did not visit the tower itself as there was a huge queue and we did not book tickets up front. If you plan to visit the tower we advise to book your tickets upfront.


This famous boulevard is a must visit but we kept it for windows shopping. Everything from food and drinks is overpriced according to us. The shopping street also hosts well known brands and we found it cool for a while to look at the expensive clothes and jewelries they sell. We spotted some very expensive watches but also some colliers of 40.000 euro.

Disneyland Paris

While being in Paris we took advantage to go a day to Disney Land Paris as well. The park was there since many years but we never made it to the famous theme park. It stays a great experience if you like theme parks. There was an option to obtain some fast pass tickets which means you don’t have to physically wait at an attraction, but can do another one, while you are queuing. When you have a fast pass they give you a time slot in which you should come to the attraction. Then you can take a special entrance and it is very quickly your turn. A nice principle to increase the number of attractions you can visit on a day. We had tickets for Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Park. Each have their own type of attractions.

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