Where to eat in Ischgl

Over the years we have visited plenty of restaurants in Ischgl and each year we realise that there are so many more restaurants to explore. We also evolved in what restaurants to go to. In earlier years, after some heavy apres ski, we selected rather a place where we could get some quick food and potentially continue to party. Here I think about Salz & PfefferPizza above Kuhstall and others. In recent years however, we enjoy more and more a nice meal followed by a drink in a relaxed atmosphere. I guess we can’t hide any longer we are just getting older 🙂

1. Hotel Central

We first wanted to go to the Tiroler Stube, a small restaurant which has no free tables when we arrived. The friendly waiter offered us an alternative in their hotel next doors. The interior was very trendy and cosy. They have an extensive wine card and plenty of delicious food options. Some of us had the marvelous grillteller and nice dessert. Not jumping out when you pass by as a restaurant, but certainly worth a visit and we will go back for sure. 

2. Eldorado

Located outside of the city center, you would not easily pass by this big and fancy hotel. It has a huge restaurant with an extensive wine collection. Due to its quality the wine can be expensive, but we managed to find an affordable quality wine (Hill side 2015). Everybody their food was delicious and price was ok. We skipped dessert as we already shared a pizza during apres ski.

3. Kitzloch

Located near Pardatschgratbahn across the river. Currently on 4th place on TripAdvisor. It is more expensive than average, but the quality and service were very good. They have an extremely extensive wine card, but most of the wines are not affordable for regular people. They have bottles easily over 1000 euro. Luckily they also had some bottles of just above 30 euro. The desserts were very tasteful as well. I can recommend the Limoncelo sorbet.

4. Eggerstueberl

Located near the church, so in the upper part of the village. A family run hotel and restaurant where we managed to acquire a spot without reservation. However, I think it’s better to reserve upfront. Their 8th place on TripAdvisor seems correct to us. Friendly staff and not too expensive. We had wine, main dish and a dessert for around 34 euro per person.

Grillteller hotel Central
Grillteller hotel Central

5. Salnerhof

Currently on 1st place on TripAdvisor and worth that place. The service is good and friendly. We were 6 people and a little more space around the table would have been welcome, but we managed fine. They have affordable priced dishes, but you can go crazy and eat a piece of meat of + 100 euro. The desserts were priced over average, but they were very nice decorated and delicious. You certainly have to reserve if you want a spot here. They work in 2 shifts. 18:30 and 20:40.

Last year we visited the number one restaurant in Ischgl (according to Trip Advisor) and as the food was very good, we decided to go back on our last evening. We try to make it a calmer evening to that the drivers are fit for the next day return trip. The restaurant still  works in 2 fixed shifts and you need a reservation to obtain a spot. Although the food was glorious again, I don’t think we will come back easily. Once seated we remembered that it was very warm in the restaurant the year before as well. Too warm it’s nearly uncomfortable according to us. And the tables are really close to eachother which makes you don’t have that much space. We were a little cramped around the table. Next to that the table has a lot of nice details and decoration but leaving not too much space to freely eat. So although the food and dessert was heavenly we will search for some alternatives in the next visits. After all, we still have plenty of restaurants which we have not yet visited 🙂

6. La Candela

Located just outside the city center. Follow the road from Silvretta towards Trofana and a little alter at the left side you will find this pizzeria. A normal restaurant with standard card and prices. Nevertheless we had a good experience here. Currently on 18th place.

La Nona (permanently closed)

Located in the upper part near the church you find this larger restaurant where we were welcomed by a friendly staff. The service was fast and the tasteful food affordable priced. We all had pizza and it was delicious. This is a place we will visit again in the future.

7. Salner (number 24)

On our way to Eggerstueberl (number 7) we had to change plans as the restaurant was closed on Wednesday. We found this nearby Salner restaurant which had availability without reservation. We were lucky to have spend some more time in apres ski bars, otherwise restaurant would have been full. The food was very good but we had to wait quite some time for it. As we were relatively late we were starved and happy it finally arrived. About service we have mixed feelings. The waiter was very friendly and helpful but the lady serving us was rude and intrusive by constantly pushing to sell more, bigger, more expensive. If it would have been once or twice, it would have been acceptable, but our whole companion was unanimously she was rude. Nevertheless I do think we will visit the place in the future for the great food.

8. Alt Paznaun Dorfcafe (number 15)

We learned about this hidden place only a couple of years ago but in meanwhile it’s a classic for us. Located on minus 2 you find this dorphcafe where staff is the same for years. The authentic design and clothing of staff makes it a cosy place. Delivery is fast and the food awesome and affordable. I always enjoy our dinner in this place. 

9. Nevada

This one is a bit like Salt and Pfeffer, you always can grab some food here. It’s open till late and it’s a huge place. The staff is friendly, although sometimes pushy to upsell, and things goes fast. The menu is exhaustive and all is delicious. We mostly stick to pizza when we come to this place.

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