The best apres ski bars in Ischgl

Ibiza of the Alps. Not only the slopes and lifts are of perfect quality, also the après-ski bars are notorious. Probably too many bars to explore during 1 single visit, but this list will get you going. The après-ski bars vary from easy going with locals till parties till morning hours.

1. Schatzi Bar

A legend among the apres ski bars in Ischgl. It’s located directly at the slopes and as of 4 PM you have some girls (Dirndls) dancing at the bar. They change every 5 to 10 minutes and they earn some money by that. People put some bills between their garter. Mostly male audience and they play dance music which varies from day to day. Sometimes we like the music, sometimes we don’t. For years there was a bartender who made somersaults behind the bar or lightens a tray with Zippo gasoline and a lighter. Over the years things like this and indoor fireworks were stopped. It is mostly very crowded. As our default hotel is at this side of the village and we all stop at different hours with skiing, this if often the place where we gather before starting the party.

2. Kuhstall

A die hard après-ski bar where they only play real après-ski music, mostly German. The DJ is the same for years and always succeeds in bringing a lot of ambiance. The bar is very big and you even have a smaller bar down stairs. When you would arrive and you don’t see that much people, make sure you go “deep” enough in this bar, as the party is often started in the middle of the bar. Since recent years there are also pizza’s available in the cellar, which might be a good for a quick bite while partying. Over more than a decade we had evenings when we kept on partying here and forgot to go for dinner. The result on the next day you can guess already 🙂

Trofana Alm
Trofana Alm
Niki's Stadl
Niki's Stadl

3. Trofana Alm

We had some great parties here and sometimes bought Gin by the bottle, but last few years the prices has drastically increased. Some years ago we had Gin bottle including tonic for 135 euro, but nowadays a bottle only costs up to 140 euro. Knowing you get a “normal” bottle of Bombay it’s way overpriced. We also got the impression that it’s less crowded over the years during the same period. After the reconstruction in 2021 it now even looks more empty. The new big windows are very beautiful but it has lost a bit of its soul according to us. During peak season or closing we expect the place to be full of ambiance but for the time being, we won’t visit it too often anymore in December. The DJ, standing on the first floor, plays mostly German après-ski music and normally  brings a lot of ambiance. 

4. Freeride

Located close to the Pardatschgrat elevator you can find Freeride. A relatively new bar which also has female dancers as from 16:00. It is way less crowded compared to Schatzi’s Bar, but the bar attracts more and more people year over year. With 7 € for a 0.4 liter glass of beer the place is rather expensive. The music has a broad range and is quite good.

A funny story is that there are less dancers compared to Schatzi Bar, hence we used to call the place “Schatzi from the Aldi”. However, with prices which are higher compared to Schatzi’s we should have named it after a high-end supermarket 🙂

5. Nikis Stadl

We have very mixed feelings with this ski bar. Sometimes it’s a real party, and sometimes there is just nobody. Years ago, when Niki was still alive it was often een big party, but recently, we don’t really go here. It used to be a vibrant spot with mostly German Schlager music. But as said, it really depends on the evening. This place will always stay very special, because here the idea was born for the bachelor party of our friend when we went to Riga back in 2012. Niki was making his own songs and video clips and one of them was of Niki as an Sheikh who had bodyguards and was moving around Dubai with a limousine.

6. Fire & Ice

A very trendy looking bar, but we have never seen a real party over there. There is nearly no crowd and there is no apres ski atmosphere. The last few years we even didn’t go check it out. Maybe we check at the wrong moments.

Golden Eagle Pub
Golden Eagle Pub

7. Champagnehutte

We did not yet visit this bar that often, as mostly it only starts later and we are in other bars. However, the bar has a nice interior and music was good. They have plenty of bottles of champagne to chose from, however, you can drink other drinks without a hassle. You are not obliged to drink champagne. The bar looks very nice in the dark, with all the little lights.

8. Golden Eagle

Easy going pub where there is no loud music or dancing. Here we sometimes go to have a beer in more quiet environment. They have a huge selection of Belgian beers which are still affordable priced for the location. They have also local and other foreign beers. It took us years before we entered this bar, but now we frequently visit it if we are in the mood. You can predict that up front

9. Wedl Alm

Relatively new bar and less famous, so not that crowded early in the season. The interior is looking very new, trendy and nice. The DJ plays some good songs and the beer is affordable. Probably a way to attract larger crowds. They also have an exterior area where you might spot some crowd. Inside they have an impressive collection of champagnes in the wine fridge. But those were not within our budget 🙂

10. Hexenkuche

When we go in December this a more a quiet bar with an older audience. For this reasons we don’t visit it that often, but in the season, you can party here as well.

11. Kitzloch

Between Nicki’s Stadl and Wedl Alm you can find Kitzloch bar. Outside season it’s rather quiet over here and they close down the après-ski around 19:30 to go into full dinner serving mode. After dinner you can again continue with après-ski. The DJ plays very good songs and there is mostly a nice vibe. Beers are the most expensive ones we have seen in Ischgl (7,5 euro in 2022 season) Btw, the food is a little more expensive as well, but delicious. 

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  1. Filip

    Nice overview, indeed a big diversity and something to find for each mood and moment! Love the energy in the après ski and the possibility to slow down in the Golden Eagle at the end of the day.

    1. Sporty Travellers

      Thanks for the comment Filip. We indeed also often end our day, after après-ski and dinner, in Golden Eagle with a good beer.

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