Kappl is about 10 minutes away from Ischgl (10 km) and is easily reachable by bus or car. There are a few parking lots close to the A Dias-Kabinenbahn which brings you to the Mittelstation at 1830 meters. There is a total of 42 kilometer with 22 descents (5 blue, 13 red and 4 black ones)

Great slopes
Great slopes

Domain description

Kappl states to have 5 blue slopes but that is counted positively. Number 5 and 6 are next to each other, 9a and 11 have common parts and there are a few shorter ones in the beginner section. Nevertheless I think this might be a good place to learn to ski. We were able to explore several red ones and black piste number 10. This last one is a really nice one. You see it in the picture above as well. 

We skipped black piste number 3 because it was in shadow and looked quite icy from the lift. The start also looked very steep. As these were our lasts hours before heading home, we left this slope to be explored for a next visit 🙂

If you go up with the Alblittkopf lift you have access to the Lattenabfahrt (number 9) which is the longest slope they have. Including the valley run it’s 7 kilometers of slope. We did it late afternoon and it was a heavy experience. Plenty of parts were in the shadow and quite icy. It was working to go down and as we did it in 1 single part, I was happy to take a break and rest a bit in the gondola. 

The valley run (number 4) is a really cool slope with a lot of variation. There are few short turns and also a part throught a village and under a bridge. These kind of extra twists makes it always a little more special compared with a regular slope. We did the run multiple times 🙂


A nice domain which is worth a visit, but I didn’t have the same feeling as with Galtür and See. Might be because it were the last hours after an intensive ski trip and that we were getting a bit tired. But for sure, we will go back in one of the coming years.

In Kappl you can find quite some bars on the slopes. We were here on the first day of the season, so it was not really crowded, but I think you can have quite some atmosphere during more busy holiday periods. 

Remember to take the Silvretta ski pass and not the Ischgl ski pass (only accessble for people staying in Ischgl).

Magnificient views
Magnificient views

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