Annual ski trip to Ischgl

Annual ski trip to Ischgl in December. This year's focus was trying new things. Ranging from slopes, lifts, activities, bars to restaurants. Read it all in the detailed blog story.

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Highline 179

Highline 179 Suspension bridge in Reutte (Highline 179): ever since it was build around 2014 we often drove under the walking bridge when going for winter sports. Each time we…

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Fly boarding

Fly boarding

Fly boarding tryout In 2018 we had another IMT edition which went to Holland. A mens trip where we had planned to try to flyboard with a great organistaion: Flyboard…

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Bungee jump
Take off!

Bungee jump

Crazy bungee jump Back then in 2008 we had the opportunity to do a bungee jump as reward for helping on a festival. A bungee jump is a crazy experience!…

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