Ischgl 10th visit anniversary

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Stuben area

Ischgl: 10th visit anniversary After a weekend in Innsbruck to visit the Christmas market and enjoy a Maniacal Bobsleigh ride we transferred to Sankt Anton to ski 2 days and continue after to Ischgl for another 3 skiing days. Sankt Anton After our visit to┬áSankt Anton in 2015 we wanted…

Annual ski trip to Ischgl

Annual ski trip to Ischgl in December. This year's focus was trying new things. Ranging from slopes, lifts, activities, bars to restaurants. Read it all in the detailed blog story.

Pistenbully ride!

Pistenbully ride! During our ski trips I have always been impressed by the mighty Pistenbully's. They have around 600 HP and cost above 450.000 euro. Lots of times I have been admiring the machines when parked aside or passing by. It became quickly a bucket list item to join a…