Flandrien Challenge

The Flandrien Challenge is a cycling challenge to conquer 59 iconic berg and cobble segments withing 72 hours.

Biking in Limburg

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Biking through water

Limburg is a truly biking paradise where every cyclist will have a great time. Mix an incredible nature with friendly people and you are ready to enjoy this beautiful area.


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Westhoek: weekend away with friends Organisation: Rondje Westhoek On Saturday the day was organised by a company called "Rondje Westhoek". They offer several tours and you can pick your program based on your interests. The drivers are friendly and helpful to make sure you have a great day.  All day…

Hiking weekend in the Belgian Ardennes.

Reunion during a weekend away in Belgian Ardennes. Belgian Beer Hiking Book Some weeks ago we found the book "Bierwandelboek BelgiĆ«" which means a book that collectes 40 hikes in Belgium around breweries. The concept is simple, you pick a hike and explore the area, and during or after you…

Ypres – Last post

Ypres - the last post Having a few days off, was the perfect opportunity to discover our own country. A visit to my parents gave us the idea of going to Ieper. A city endowed with wonderful architecture and a troubled past. We started our mini-trip with a visit to the provincial…

Wake boarding

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Wake boarding

Wake boarding tryout Our little nephew is doing wake boarding and is pretty well at it for his age. As we heard about it, we started to look into it and as it looked rather amazing, it ended up on Tom his bucket list. Then, eventually, late summer of 2018…