Winter activities in Lapland

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Dog Sledding

Winter activities in Lapland During a short break in Norway while chasing Northern Lights, we were able to enjoy several winter activities. Some were sportive and some were pure adrenaline kicks. Below you can find all important information and tips and tricks to do Dog sledding, Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling and Cross…

Un jour dans le Tour (de France)

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Le Mallot Jaune

Un jour dans le Tour (de France) During our road trip in France & Italy during Covid-19 times we were very close to the Tour de France. A unique opportunity to go watch the cycling heroes in real life. However, with all security measurements and us wanting to avoid big…

Christmas market in Innsbruck

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Enjoying Christmast market in Innsbruck

Christmas market in Innsbruck Christmas market with mountain sight We planned a bobsleigh ride in Innsbruck on Sunday 15th of December and to have no time pressure and get the most out of trip we wanted to be in Innsbruck Saturday afternoon to enjoy the Christmas market in Innsbruck. In fact…

Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu

In October 2019 we walked the Inca trail. Upfront we heard some people mentioning it's too busy on the Inca trail. Even people who had not even walked the Inca trail were stating to us that is was way too busy. It is not true! Daily only 250 hikers can…

Highline 179

Highline 179 Suspension bridge in Reutte (Highline 179): ever since it was build around 2014 we often drove under the walking bridge when going for winter sports. Each time we said we should visit the bridge, but due to other priorities we never managed to do so. This time we…