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Westhoek: weekend away with friends Organisation: Rondje Westhoek On Saturday the day was organised by a company called "Rondje Westhoek". They offer several tours and you can pick your program based on your interests. The drivers are friendly and helpful to make sure you have a great day.  All day…

Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu

In October 2019 we walked the Inca trail. Upfront we heard some people mentioning it's too busy on the Inca trail. Even people who had not even walked the Inca trail were stating to us that is was way too busy. It is not true! Daily only 250 hikers can…

Hiking weekend in the Belgian Ardennes.

Reunion during a weekend away in Belgian Ardennes. Belgian Beer Hiking Book Some weeks ago we found the book "Bierwandelboek België" which means a book that collectes 40 hikes in Belgium around breweries. The concept is simple, you pick a hike and explore the area, and during or after you…

Our different kind of travel types

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Tent camp

Our different kind of travel types During the years we traveled in various formats. Below we grouped them in a few categories and give positive and negative experiences about them. We hope it helps you to make a decision if you are doubting to try out one of them. RV…

Walk for the cure

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Walk for the Cure arrival

Walk for the Cure is a hiking event to raise funds for Think Pink to fight against cancer. Almost everyone is sooner or later impacted by this disease. Here you can read more about our preparation to the event where we will walk 100 kilometer on 3 days.

Ben Nevis via Carn Mor Dearg!

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Ben Nevis by Carn Mor Dearg

Ben Nevis via Carn Mor Dearg! A must do when in Scotland is to hike Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland. When preparing for our trip I was searching for different kind of routes. I found quickly you have the main "Tourist track" and a few alternatives. The Tourist…

6 Reasons why we love Airbnb

6 Reasons why we love Airbnb Ever since we tried Airbnb in 2016 we have loved it and often it has brought lots of extra value to our trip. 1. Meeting local people When exploring a country we like to meet local people as we think it's only like this…

Annual ski trip to Ischgl

Annual ski trip to Ischgl in December. This year's focus was trying new things. Ranging from slopes, lifts, activities, bars to restaurants. Read it all in the detailed blog story.

Fatbike in the snow

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Group picture

Fatbike in the snow We found with Silvretta Bike Academy the perfect partner for a fat bike tour in the snow. The Academy is located just outside the city center of Ischgl. It takes a 5 min walk from Silvretta elevator. When we arrived, the owner Heinz was waiting for us at…

Highline 179

Highline 179 Suspension bridge in Reutte (Highline 179): ever since it was build around 2014 we often drove under the walking bridge when going for winter sports. Each time we said we should visit the bridge, but due to other priorities we never managed to do so. This time we…