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Is Sky Lagoon worth the visit? Yes! Absolutely! Forget about the Blue Lagoon or Myvatn Nature Baths. We visited those during our trip in 2015 and until visiting Sky Lagoon I always mentioned to people to favour Myvatn Nature Baths above The Blue Lagoon from a price point of view. In the end both are a bath with warm coloured water that smells very sulfur. There are better options in nature around Iceland to sit in warm water, like Reykjaladur hot spring.

Both experiences made us very reluctant to visit The Sky Lagoon but during our recent trip in Iceland (2023) we decided to explore it. From the outside you can’t really see what it will be about. However, once you enter the dressing rooms you feel the luxury approach. Get in your swimming gear, take a shower while going to the Lagoon and then be amazed! 

When you enter, you’ll wade a bit through the water till you get close to corridor which gives access to the bigger part of the Lagoon. This view is very exceptional. As it’s an infinity pool and you’ll be mostly try to stay under water, the Lagoon seems to fluently pass into the ocean. 

Official website:

Infinity pool
Infinity pool

Prices (2023)

During our visit in September 2023 there were several packages available.

  • Pure Lite pass (From 47 €)
  • Pure (From 68 €)
  • Sky (From 89 €)

It starts with the Pure Lite pass (47 €) which gives you access to the Lagoon only. Although the Lagoon alone is already a very nice experience I would not advise this one package because it’s only half of the experience.

Pure and Sky both contain the Seven-Step Ritual (see below) but the difference is that Sky has private changing rooms. Obviously it’s a personal choice but I think the upgrade to Sky is overkill. The changing rooms are split per gender and the showers are already individual showers where you can take a shower in all privacy. The changing rooms themselves are spacious and divided in different compartments where you can change into your swimming gear without too many people around. 

Seven-Step Ritual

In the Sky Lagoon a Seven-Step ritual is possible. 

  1. The Lagoon
  2. Glacier Pool
  3. Sauna
  4. Energising Mist
  5. Cleansing Scrub
  6. Steam
  7. Shower

In the corner of the Lagoon you can find the entrance for the Seven-Step Ritual. When you exit the Lagoon there is a Glacier Pool. The name says it all and obviously this is a cold bath. Are you brave enough to go in it as deep that your shoulders are under water? Good luck!

What follows is a marvellous sauna with a very big window which gives views to the ocean. A very nice place where you can relax and look at the waves. This is one of the saunas with the best views I have ever seen. When you are done, you can cool down with the Energising Mist which is a fancy name for a kind of a rain shower. Nevertheless it feel great to cool down. 

When you continue to the next room you are offer a salty scrub to put on your skin. Avoid your face, but do scrub all the others parts. Don’t take a shower, but keep the scrub on when you enter the Steam cabin. After a while in the steam cabin your skin will feel so incredible soft. When you are done, you can take a shower and then go back to the Lagoon.

This Seven-Step Ritual is a nice add-on to the Lagoon experience and then you will realise that you are already one hour and a half in the Lagoon. There is the option to take a drink at the Lagoon bar, but that looked quite cumbersome to me. As you’ll need to keep one hand above water while you want to be as much as possible under water to enjoy the warm water. Up to you to decide what you do. 



So is Sky Lagoon worth the visit? If your budget allows it, I would definitely recommend adding the Sky Lagoon to your itinerary planning. Skip the mass tourist Blue Lagoon and focus on this one but make sure to reserve in time as it gets sold out quickly. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it. 

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