Highline 179

Suspension bridge in Reutte (Highline 179): ever since it was build around 2014 we often drove under the walking bridge when going for winter sports. Each time we said we should visit the bridge, but due to other priorities we never managed to do so. This time we decided to sleep in Reutte and visit this impressive Highline 179.

We stayed in Hotel Romantik Krone which is only 5 minutes away. After our breakfast we went straight to the bridge and like this we were the first and only visitors of the bridge. This in combination with the snow made this visit a very nice one.

A ticket costs 8 euro and for this you can enter the zone of the bridge twice. Ment to cross in one direction, go out and explore the area and cross again to come back. From the parking lot it takes about 15 – 20 minutes to go to the bridge. It’s a short and steep climb. During our visit they were constructing a lift to bypass this climb. 

Before reaching the castle and bridge you can visit a renovated building where they have cannons, a movie and many more.

From there we walked towards the bridge, and once on the bridge it moved a bit, which might feel awkward  for people with fear of heights. The floor is constructed of metal plates with square holes so you can see through. I think this floor is less freighting than a glass floor. When you are in the middle of the bridge you have a 360° panorama view. It was quite cold and windy on the bridge.

After returning we also visited the ruins of the castle, Burgenwelt Ehrenberg. It was quite a challenge to visit the castle with the snow as it was slippery to do so. So if you are there in winter, be careful. 

The entire visit took us about 2 hours, however, this is without hiking up to Fort Claudia. We visited the renovated building below the ruines, crossed the bridge, and explored the ruines. So whenever you are in the area, try to reserve some time to visit this great Suspension bridge in Reutte (Highline 179).

The night before visiting Highline 179 we spend the night in Reutte. We booked a night in Hotel Romantik and we had a very pleasant experience. From the minute we arrived we were treated very well. Check-in process was done quick and easy going and we were guided to our room. The room was spotless clean and a small chocolate on the bed always makes us happy.

As we red on the internet that there was a well rated restaurant we decided to eat in-house. We found quickly what we wanted and the meat was perfectly cooked. The serving lady was very attent and friendly. The price quality ratio is hard to beat. After a great meal we ordered some great desserts.

In the morning we were offered a very extensive breakfast buffet. We did not ask, but we think the owner served us. He brought freshly prepared eggs, bread which was still a bit warm and some delicious homemade cake. There were different kind of juices and also coffee and tea. Next to all that an offered glass of Prosecco made the picture complete. This was just perfect to start off the day, and our holiday.

In the time of digitalisation we like it when there is an old-fashioned guest book. We were eager to give a splendid review. So, if you are ever in the need of a hotel in the area of Reutte, don’t hesitate and go for this one!

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  1. Filip De Brouwer

    Indeed, Highline 179 is worth visiting. Not just a bridge but 1 piece of a whole interesting area. Nice pictures!

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