2011, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 – At work we collaborate with an off shore company located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Visits for work are often required for projects or to visit some of my team members. Mostly we travel from Monday till Thursday or Friday, depending off the need. Only in the period around 2014 we did not travel towards Ukraine due to political upheaval.

In the first years I did some evening city walks to explore the city, but was not taking much pictures. In later years we limited to have a dinner and drink in the evening to foster the team spirit. The plan is now to extend one of the next business trips with a city trip to have the time to explore Kyiv during daytime. Once this is done, you will be able to read about it on our blog.  

Speakeasy (hidden) cocktail bars

Kyiv has multiple speakeasy cocktailbars that you won’t find without Googling or being introduced by locals. I like this concept and will try to visit more in the coming years 🙂 

Palata n°6

The bar is not the most stylish one, but they serve cheap cocktails and have other strengths. The most impressive cocktails are the “Helmet” and “Spritz”. I had them both, but I won’t describe them too much and leave it open for you to explore them as well. Spoiler to find the bar, if you want to search for yourself, skip to next section. This one is maybe the hardest to find and there is no single sign that indicates where the bar is. When you go from the main road on a kind of square behind the buildings you have to go in the right back corner. Really at the end you can spot a stair that goes under ground. Go down there and behind the door you will find the bar. If you are lucky there are some people going in or coming out, which will easy your searching operation.

Hendricks Bar

A very classy bar which is also hard to find, but at least there is some kind of sign if you pay attention. Still, if you find that, you will be mislead by the location. A spoiler follows to find it, so skip to next alinea if you want to find it yourself. There is a burger bar which you have to enter. In the back of the place there is a stair down and a door with a bell. Ring that one, and they’ll open the door. Enter a fancy bar where they server quality cocktails. (See pictures below).

Parovoz Speak Easy

Another great location for tasty cocktails in a cosy environment. Again a bar without any sign and without a local tip, most likely you will not spot the bar when just passing by. Spoiler to find the bar. When you enter the theatre, go down the stair on the left. Follow the underground corridor and you’ll end up in the bar.

Hendricks cocktailbar
Hendricks cocktailbar
Millionaire Cup
Millionaire Cup

The last couple of years we stay at the Mercure Kyiv Congress which is a stylish 4 star quality hotel. Black is the main colour through the entire hotel. The hotel room has all amenities you need ranging from very comfortable bed, personal airco fully equiped bathroom, minibar, room service and so on. In the morning the extensive breakfast buffet is served on the 3rd floor. You find there a full continental breakfast with cold and hot dishes, pastries, sweets and spreads. On the ground floor you have a big restaurant where they serve their in house crafted beer. 

Mercure Kyiv hotel room
Mercure Kyiv extensive breakfast

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