Teradata Partners in Anaheim (Los Angeles)

2017 – Teradata Partners was hosted in Anaheim. I departed directly from Milan where we enjoyed a weekend with friends. From Milan I flew via London to Los Angeles. The sky was clear above Greenland and you could get a good impression of the country. Funny they call this Greenland 🙂

Greenland not looking so green 🙂
Heading to LA

Anaheim Conference Center

Located next to Disney world, and just around the corner from my hotel, the Spring Hill Suites. The conference center exists out of several buildings 

Anaheim Conference Center main entrance
Teradata Partners 2017 opening show

3 Doors Down

On Thursday there was a gala customer event in the House of Blues in the neighborhood of the congress venue. which was concluded with a concert of the rock group 3 Doors Down.

As there were not that many people I could easily go to the 4th or 5th row just when the concert started. The show was great and they played quite long. I especially enjoyed the song Kryptonite.

Beach walk

The evening after the conference I ended with a beach walk from venice Beach toward Santa Monica Pier. Both ways that makes it approximately 12 kilometers. As it’s a return walk I don’t think I would recommend doing this walk. I would rather recommend to hire a bike and explore the area by bike. You can stop whenever you want, and with the bicycle lane you can easily move around. At the end I went to the Tony Hawk skate park. There is saw the kid start Prodigy in action. The 10 year old girl is really awesome on a skateboard and I think we will hear from here in the future. Once you start looking, you nearly can stop looking at the tricks she does in that skate park. You want to cheer at her and see yet an incredible move. This is the GPX: Strava walk track (11 km)

Bike ride

I rented a city bike at Venice Beach and decided to explore the area by bike. I started following the cost line in the direction of Santa Monica Pier and took the Sunset Boulevard in the direction of Bell Air to catch some glimpses of big houses. When I reached Bell Air around lunch time, I was just in time to see a Mexican Truck arrive which serves food to Mexican garden workers. I decided to eat there and had some tasty food. A good decision 🙂

From their I continued my road to Beverly Hills and visited the famous Rodeo Drive. I did not visit any shop as most likely they were out of budget anyway. Next stop was Hollywood and it’s world famous walk of fame. A lot of people say it’s overrated, and indeed. I expected way more out of it as well. Knowing this from television it always had some magic around it, but in reality it was not a big thing.  Taking it further with my bike I had to climb up the hill to visit the world famous Hollywood sign. Thanks to some local person who was gardening I got good directions to find the spot for the best pictures.

That left me with a + 30 kilometer ride back to the Ocean, with quite some traffic lights and road crossings and headwind. I had a great city tour with the 20$ city bike and had covered almost 90 kilometers. Great experience!

When flying back I was delighted to find out British Airways was flying a big A380. Those planes are really huge! But in reality, once you are inside the plane, you never notice you are in a double-decker plane.

Staying in Los Angeles

I found a great place to stay via AirBnb with Amy’s place which is close to the airport and close to the beach. I moved around the area with Uber and on average it was $10 to go or return from the Beach. In the direct area of the apartment I found some great place to eat thanks to Amy her tips. So if you are around and open to stay in AirBnb, then I can really recommend this place.

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