Management offsite in Ireland

The Druids Glen Resort, located just outside of Dublin, Ireland, is an ideal location for a management offsite. The resort offers stunning views, exquisite cuisine, and a wide range of facilities and activities for team-building exercises. Additionally, the resort is conveniently located near numerous historical and cultural attractions in Dublin, making it an ideal location for a business and pleasure trip. Overall, Druids Glen Resort offers a serene environment for improving strategic planning and team-building skills conducive to a productive management offsite.

Glendalough Hiking

We secured a couple of hours during our management offsite to go for a hike with the colleagues as teambuilding. These kind of activities are perfect as you can talk to many different people and conquering together some altitude meters and a decent hike of 13 km is not that straight forward. Forecasting was bad but in the end we were quite lucky. We only had like 10 minutes of rain during our way up. The scenery is very beautiful and changing every minutes.

Glendalough hike (13 km, 432 altitude meters)

Johnnie Fox's Irish pub

The Johnnie Fox’s Irish pub states to be the highest pub in Ireland. It’s a traditional Irish pub where you can have a drink at the bar or enjoy dinner while listening to some music or watch a traditional Irish dance later on. Although the place feels authentic it’s a bit too big to not feel also a bit touristic. We had 2 separate tables where we could mingle within our group and get to know each other better. It’s a perfect setting to have a chat with colleagues with a local Guiness or Irish coffee to prepare for the upcoming corporate challenges. 

The Druids Glen Resort is the perfect location for a team building or management offsite. The fact that you are isolated and away from the busy live it makes that you can concentrate on what matters. Everything is present on this location so you don’t loose time to move around. You can start your day with an extended breakfast buffet before you are heading to the meeting rooms. In the evening or at lunch time you can have your separte place to enjoy a drink and food in your company. The rooms are ideal to have a great night rest to be ready for a new day of meetings. On the last day, before leaving we had some spare time to walk around the golf court. 

Golf court exploration (5 km)

Golf court impression
Standard room
Golf court impression

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