2011, 2013, 2016 – We visited Sölden several times and this also stays one of our favorites as you can ski a lot and as most of the slopes are relatively high, the quality is mostly good. Certainly on the glacier, however, it can get crowded over there. Further you can think of lots of restaurants and apres ski bars.



The slopes are awesome in Solden and you have several challenges which keep you busy. You can ski the longest slope of 17 km. Which is in fact combining several slopes. We did it several times from the top to bottom without stopping, and then you really need a break and drink when you come down. Next to that you also have the Big 3 Rally where you can follow a combination of slopes which covers more than 50 km and during the trip you pass 3 mountains of more than 3000 meters. It’s keeps you busy.

The only negative point on this domain are the 2 bottle necks. In the morning you have to rush to the Gletsher Express lift to not have to wait too long if you want to go to the glacier. And when you want to return, they queue a lot at lift 6K Langegg.

Apres ski bars

The place to be and better hurry up if you want to have some space. As mostly we come down the slopes by 4 PM or later, it’s often crowded when we enter, but normally you find a spot to have a couple of drinks. The atmosphere is great with a lot of ambiance. They end the day always with the same song of Robbie Williams (Angels) to signal the people it’s done for the day. I think that’s around 8 PM.

In contrast to the Fire & Ice bar in Ischgl this one is a big success. When the Shirmbar closes, you see the people cross the street and enter the Fire & Ice. It’s a bit more trendy and you also have a lot people who no longer wear their ski clothes. The music is fun and mostly there is a great atmosphere.

Later on the evening you can go to the Katapult. It’s above the Spar market. They have girls dancing on the podiums, two big bars and a DJ. Couple of years ago there was a guest DJ set of Micaela Schäfer :). It get’s quickly late when you start to party here. So be aware if you want to start an early ski day.

Bar close to the Gondola lift where you can find some special drinks. Inside they play good apres ski music and we had some great fun in there, ending dancing on the tables and bar.

Attractive looking bar which we visited few times, but we have never seen real ambiance there. So either we were there on the wrong moment or it’s ideal if you are looking for a more quiet place. I did like the interior of the bar.

Mostly good music but no dancing when we visited the bar. We used the bar to gather the group before heading somewhere else. There are better options if you are looking for a party.

As we are located in the other part of the town, and were busy over there, we did not yet make it here. This bar is on our TO DO list for the next time we make it to Sölden.

Was more easy at the time we were there. They do have a more alternative interior with some rock attributes. I noticed on the internet that in meanwhile they also host the Shafstall next doors.

There are still other bars, but we did not yet manage to visit them all 🙂


Garni Bellaria

We slept each of the 3 years in Garni Bellaria which is a very good hotel and still affordable. The rooms are big enough, the bathroom is clean and the staff is super friendly. The breakfast is in buffet style with everyday something new. You have everything you need to start a day full of skiing. The hotel is just next to the main street of Solden and is in a quiet area, something we like, to be able to sleep good. The nearest ski ski lift is a 3 minute walk away.

The hotel offers free entrance to the wellness located next to it, Freizeit Arena. There you have a swimming pool (with clothes) and a wellness part (without clothes) where you find several sauna. We frequented it only once, as apres ski is mostly calling 🙂 There is a ski room, but we don’t use that. We rent lockers near the ski lift, so we don’t have to carry our stuff every day. In the direct neighborhood you have several restaurants. We like Uncle Tom a lot, and every trip we pay them a visit.

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