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You can read all about us, Marie-Claire and Tom on our About page. The goal of this travel blog is to inspire people by sharing our experiences. We also want so provide you with some information about how we prepare our travels and how we, a working couple, manages to go travelling while keeping our budget under control.

We are not full time bloggers and do this rather as a hobby. We only travel with our legal holiday and pay for everything ourselves. We hope you find the information you are looking for, and if on any page you find something useful, please leave a comment or drop us an email. It will be appreciated 🙂

Where we have been

In the beginning years we were mainly focusing on Europe and in more specific neighbors countries of Belgium. We did some road trips but mainly we explored countries to bike. Around 2012 that started to change and we did our first far way exploration. In the beginning Marie-Claire was a bit hesitating and questioning if it was really needed to travel that far, but ever since she has tasted of exploring new cultures, she is as eager as me to explore the world together.

Next to exploring neighbor countries for biking, we also focus very much on skiing and we typically have 2 ski holidays per year. With the rest of our holidays we travel to world. Since 2018 we don’t especially focus any more on biking. This might come back at any time, but now we keep the days we used for biking holiday to explore the regions in Europe we have not yet seen.

Check out the details on our Destinations page or any from the continents pages.. There you can explore the countries we have visited.

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Travel information and tips


Plenty of our road trips we have planned with Sygic Travel Maps which is a brilliant travel planner where you start from the map and most famous attractions or gems are marked with a picture. You click to add them to your trip and the optimal route is calculated. Based on the timings of other people the time to spent is suggested. When done you can export to an PDF and they also have a great (paying) mobile app. We have the paying version and it was worth the invest. 

When you want to visit something which is not listed on the map, you can easily add a new attraction.

Travel Discounts

Who doesn’t like discounts or free things. On our Travel Discounts page you can find reduced fares or rebates. By using the links on the page, you get discounts on some famous websites. Sometimes there is a small reward for us as well.

We will try to keep adding new discounts in the future.

Different kind of travel types

Through the years we have done several types of travelling. Exploring Iceland with an RV, several camping trips and many more. You can read pros and cons on this detailed blog post: Our different kind of travel types


We love AirBnb, read the 6 reasons why here. And make sure you do check out our travel discount page to get some nice reduction on your first booking on Airbnb.